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Whether your property is residential or commercial, the garage door is an important piece to the puzzle. Without a functioning garage door, your home or business will be lacking a certain something.

Garage doors can also become stuck or jammed. If this is the case, you do not want to leave it overnight. Stuck garage doors are a serious security hazard that could leave you in a bad position.

Five Star Garage Doors offers local garage door repair services to cities in Connecticut. To speak with a friendly company representative, simply pick up the phone and dial 1-855-440-5900.

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Professional Garage Door Repair in Connecticut

For homeowners & business owners, when a garage door is broken, stuck, or jammed, it can be a difficult issue to resolve. Fortunately, if you are in our service area, we can assist you quickly and efficiently. Five Star Garage Doors is a local garage door repair service provider who can assist you today.

The garage door is the most essential part of your garage, because it provides security and it saves your property from the outside elements. An effective garage door repair company delivers different kinds of garage door repair services, together with the large variety of upgrades, which can be a great help for extending the life of your garage door. Thus, every time you notice that your door is damaged or not functioning well, you automatically call for the services of garage door repair service providers. It is essential to consider the reputation of a company when hiring for garage door repair services. Because those that are effective are experienced in the field and they have reputation in offering quality services to their clients.

Among the services that a professional garage door repair company provides includes removing excessive debris, dirt, grease, and oil on the tracks, check the balance of your garage door, check the lubrication and torsion springs, gives a systematic checkup on all the garage door parts including the hinges, roller, and adjustment, and repairing and maintaining the drums, cables, springs, hinges, rollers, and struts. Other services that they provide is inspecting the motor, checking the force adjustment, adjusting the limit switches, and many more services that cater to your garage door’s needs, and that ensure your safety.


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